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Traditional Archers of New Jersey's Review of Oncore Targets New Safari Line of Self-Healing Archery Targets

If you attended Denton Hill (Sawmill) and saw the OnCore 2D Booth you heard about their exciting Safari 2D targets soon to be on the market , well today's the day.

Now you can be the first to have your own Safari course indoors & outdoors. It will be a big hit with many clubs and organizations looking to raise funds . Outstanding job Mary & John congratulations for all your hard work

Jay's Review of Oncore Targets Apple, Self-Healing Archery Target

The product arrived quickly. After 3 arrows the time using it the target was completely healed on the back. I've have shot 10 to 12 bolts out of my crossbow and am very happy with the product. I then purchased a green balloon and a smiley sun.

Mary's Review of Oncore Targets Raptor Self-Healing Archery Target

Wow! You can really get a lot out of these targets! They look & work GREAT! Mine has lasted a very long time, I left it outside during all weather conditions and it still looks good after a year!!! I would highly recommend this brand of Targets to anyone interested in archery.

Greg's Review of Oncore Targets Bigfoot Target

Fun target if you have a big enough backing it is tall. This target won’t stop arrows so it needs to be on Something capable of stopping the arrows. Also seems like it will last a long time. Something different from your typical target

Ayden The Archer's Review of Oncore Targets T-Rex Self-Healing Archery Target

This is a great target if you don't want to put out the money for a 3D target. We love shooting these and love that they have the 3D scoring rings. They have really fun animals and we can take them with us if we go to a range and hang them on a backstop. These targets are durable and more importantly, fun to shoot.

Mike's Review of Oncore Targets Frog Self-Healing Archery Target, Mini

I have purchased and used these targets at home and for our archery club. The foam has have held up for multiple archery club seasons, and years in my back yard. The colors have never faded, and look the same even in outdoor conditions. I would recommend them